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Pre WiFi (easy breazy!)

Using WiFi on the Pre was a piece of cake, and quite functional!

2 min read
Connecting to WiFi
Connecting to WiFi
Connecting to Wireless Internet on the Pre is really quite easy, and very handy. By choosing the WiFi option from the Applications (or even touching on the top right of the screen and choosing "turn Wifi on") it immediately starts looking for networks. While I did not try out all types of wireless protection (like WEP, WPA, WPA-2, etc...), I did log on to a open network, an open network with a portal requiring a password to proceed to the internet, and onto a friends protected network; I was able to easily connect to each. I found on the password protected portal, I was easily redirected to the login page, but once I authenticated, it was difficult to tell it was successful and tried to keep re-entering my password. However, I opened a new browser found I was connected no problem.
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WiFi on this phone has proven very beneficial for me recently. I first tried it when I wanted to send a bunch of pictures I'd taken on the phone to a friend. I put them all in one email (about 6 pictures), and the email just sat in the outbox and eventual presented an error message. On a hunch, I connected to Wifi, and was able to use that bandwidth for the email to go out. The phone 'seemed' to figure out how to use what services, and I seemed to get the benefit of both.

Then I went to Canada for a weekend. Not wanting to incur any charges for calls or data on my phone while in Canada, I put my phone into Airplane mode. Then, I tried turning on Wifi, and vioala! My phone was acting like a mini wireless computer. When connecting to wireless networks in canada, I was able to seemingly do everything but place phone calls. Emails and Web browsing were quite fast and easy. This was nice and easy to do, and very satisfying (except, perhaps for when I used it to learn that the wait at the border back into the US was 90 minutes!). Fortunately, when we were at the border, the wait was less than that, and I was able to receive my US carrier service again! Kudos on Wifi Pre!