Pre Users Have LOTS of Media Syncing Options

A brief overview of media syncing options for the Pre (not iTunes).

Catherine Gouge
2 min read
A brief overview of media syncing options for the Pre.

Okay, so, say what you will about iTunes, Palm Pre users have many solid options for syncing media.

Pre Central just released a great overview and description of the many options and why you might prefer one over the other. Since I am a Macbook Pro user, I'll be looking at the following Mac-friendly options:

1. DoubleTwist (Free) about which Pre Central says, "If you feel like sticking with iTunes and don't want to deal with the hassle of not updating, then doubleTwist media sync is for you." Here is a full review of DoubleTwist.

2. Salling Media Sync (Free and $22 versions - free version is slower) allows you to sync via the USB mode on the Palm Pre. Pre Central reports that Salling "released a 1.1 update with Palm Pre support shortly after Apple pulled the plug" making it a good option for Palm users.

3. iTuneMyWalkman (Free/Donation) apparently has lots of options to determine the degree of "invasiveness" of installation. And there are plug-ins that allow you to manage it all with iTunes and integrate with iPhoto.

4. The Missing Sync (now $39.95), as I discussed in a previous post about the Beta version, can sync most everything. I didn't have much luck with the cordless "proximity sync" in that version, but if that works well in 1.0, this might be a good choice.

Happy Syncing!

NOTE: If you "accidentally" updated to iTunes 8.2.1 and you are a Windows user, you can still get 8.2 here.