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Power suit dresses men for off-the-cuff payments

An Aussie tailor is taking wearable technology to a ridiculously good-looking conclusion with a suit featuring a contactless payment chip in the sleeve.

Video screenshot by CNET

An Australian tailor is taking the wearable-technology thought experiment to its ridiculous (yet stylish) conclusion with the development of a suit featuring a contactless payment chip in the sleeve.

Developed by Australian menswear label M.J. Bale, in association with Visa and the Queensland-based Heritage Bank, the Power Suit is woven from superfine Australian Merino wool and features a contactless chip and antenna in the sleeve.

By passing their cuff over a contactless payment terminal, wearers will be able to pay for transactions wherever Visa PayWave is accepted. M.J. Bale also promises that "you can top-up your suit instantly" thanks to a linked Heritage Bank prepaid account that can be accessed online or through an app.

We're a little curious about whether the suit will cause its dapper wearer to accidentally pay for things when leaning across a retail counter or pass a cigarillo to a mysterious stranger at a bar. But presumably the owner will be able to afford that kind of accidental spend, if he can get his hands on the suit in the first place.

One of the limited-edition Power Suits will sold in M.J. Bale's Westfield Sydney store, while another is currently being auctioned on eBay to raise money for 4 ASD Kids, a charity that supports children with autism spectrum disorders.

(Source: CNET Australia)