Possible Nokia EOS smartphone for AT&T clears FCC

Ma Bell could be among the first in line to offer support for Nokia's upcoming camera-driven flagship smartphone.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
An FCC filing suggests AT&T could soon offer the Nokia 'EOS' smartphone. FCC (via Engadget)

A new phone model named Nokia RM-877 recently spied at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Web site suggests that AT&T could be among the first carriers to offer the rumored Nokia EOS smartphone.

Details in the FCC documents indicate that the mysterious device features NFC, Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi, and support for AT&T's LTE network through its 4G bands.

A diagram accompanying the filing shows a handset that measures 130.35 x 71.4mm, a shade larger than the Nokia Lumia 925.

Additional information gleaned from the listing show the device as having been tested with a "camera grip," adding to speculation that the RM-877 is the EOS. The unit also features a wireless charging cover, which may ultimately come in the form of an optional accessory, much like the Lumia 925.

The rumors of the EOS smartphone can be traced back to early 2013 and tell of a 41-megapixel camera with Nokia 808 PureView shooting and rendering capabilities.

Nokia has an event slated for July 11 which could very well be the handset's official debut. CNET will be live in New York covering the big reveal.

(Via Engadget)