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Poll: What's the best task manager for iPhone?

Which app keeps your life in order like no other? Have you found one that syncs with Outlook? Here's your chance to profess your love for the ultimate to-do lister.

Appigo's aptly named Todo is the rare iPhone task manager that can sync with Outlook. Appigo

I miss my PalmPilot. Not so much the way it kept breaking every 12 months, but the effortless way it synchronized my to-do lists with Outlook.

Ever since trading my Palm-powered Centro for my iPhone, I've lived without a decent task-management solution. That's because, for better or worse, I'm entrenched in Outlook, and the iPhone can't sync with the program's task list (eye roll).

For a while there I was reasonably happy with Chapura's KeyTasks, a decent enough task manager that delivered the "missing sync" between iPhone and Outlook. But wouldn't you know it? The company discontinued the product last June.

So now what? Well, you tell me. I'm looking for a killer task manager, preferably one that can sync with Outlook. That's not mandatory, as I despise Outlook's task module anyway, but it has to sync somewhere. (I don't like to keep all my data eggs in one basket.)

What do you say, iPhone and iPod Touch gurus? Have you found the ultimate task manager? If so, hit the comments and tell me what's so great about it--and why I should make it my new best friend.