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Poll: Are 99-cent TV shows a good idea?

Rumor has it that Apple is pushing to drop TV show prices to 99 cents--and that networks are pushing back. Why? It's a 99-cent world, and TV shows need to live in it.

C'mon, networks. Let Apple charge 99 cents for TV shows. Sales will go through the roof, I promise. Apple

Confession time: In the nearly five years since iTunes began selling TV shows, I've purchased exactly zero. Why? Because I think Apple's $1.99-per-episode price tag is too high.

Apple seems to think so, too, which is why the company is reportedly looking to drop show prices to 99 cents. Unfortunately, the networks aren't too keen on the idea, as indicated in last Sunday's New York Times story: "Networks Wary of Apple's Push to Cut Show Prices."

I'm not sure why Hollywood's number-crunchers fail to grasp basic economics, but I think we should help them get the message: lower your prices and more people will buy your product.

I mean, look, networks, your shows are already in the can. It's not like you're producing them exclusively for this medium. And Apple provides the bandwidth for delivery, so cutting prices costs you nothing--unless, of course, sales fail to increase accordingly, in which case you can go ahead and raise them again.

I know we're only talking about a buck difference here, but having been "raised" on 99-cent songs (which, incidentally, have a lot more replay value than last week's episode of "Parks and Recreation") and, increasingly, 99-cent apps, I cannot and will not spend $1.99 on a TV show.

But 99 cents? That's my magic number. And I'll wager plenty of other iPhone and iPod Touch owners feel the same. Take our latest poll: