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Pokemon Go is giving you just three hours to catch Zapdos this weekend

Now's your chance.

Catch Zapdos while you can. 

Attention, Pokemon Go fans: You'll have a rare opportunity to catch Zapdos on Saturday.

The legendary bird is making a comeback, albeit for a very short time, the Pokemon Company announced Tuesday. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT on Saturday, players will be able to capture Zapdos in Raid Battles. During that time, all captured Zapdos will know the Fast Attack Thunder Shock, which certainly sounds useful. You might even come across a Shiny Zapdos (Shiny Pokemon are a rarity in the game). 

In addition, spinning a Photo Disc at a Gym during the three-hour event will let you get up to five free Raid Passes. Players generally only get one per day.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic also just announced a three-strike policy against cheating. That can include lying about your location by messing with your phone's GPS or using third-party software to access Pokemon Go clients or backends. Strike one is a warning, strike two leads to suspension and strike three results in your account being permanently banned.