PlayStation phone gets full photo treatment

It's made a few appearances already, but Sony Ericsson's long-rumored PlayStation phone surfaced again in a full hands-on treatment by Engadget.

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Kent German
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Now that we're done speculating about the Verizon iPhone, the next biggest rumor to grip the wireless world is the expected Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone. Due next month at Mobile World Congress, the device made another Internet appearance today in a full hands-on post by Engadget.

Though Engadget's screen time isn't the first we've seen of the Android-powered PlayStation phone--over the past few months it's been sighted everywhere, from Greece to China--the photos and videos are the clearest so far. Indeed, previous shots look like they were taken by someone who had enjoyed too much caffeine.

Engadget says the handset is promising, but the "flimsy" design and software bugs were distracting. Also, not all features were operable. To be fair, the leaked device is a prototype, so the real thing will undoubtedly be in better shape. Apparently, the handset will carry the name "Xperia Play." That matches a rumor we heard late last year that the PlayStation phone will fall under the Xperia family.

On a related note, Sony is holding an press event in Tokyo tomorrow morning (10 p.m. PT today) at which the company should reveal its PSP2 gaming device. Though some have questioned why Sony would introduce both a portable gaming console and a gaming console/phone, we expect the company to position the devices much the way Apple sells both the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

In any case, it all amounts to more exposure for Sony Ericsson's worst-kept secret. We're eager to see it, not only because we'll be able to put another overhyped rumor to rest, but also because the PlayStation phone stands as a good opportunity for Sony Ericsson to redeem itself after its initial, and questionable, Android endeavors. It had a good start with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc at CES, but it needs more.

CNET will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, to bring you all the news on Sony Ericsson and other handset makers. Sony Ericsson has a press conference scheduled to kick off the show February 13 at 9 a.m. PT, and we'll be in attendance. And if it's the PlayStation phone as we expect, we'll showcase it in all its glory. In the meantime, check out what Scott Stein wants from the device.