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Play along with CNET's iPhone event bingo!

During Apple's event iPhone event on Tuesday, CNET invites you to follow along and join in the fun with our iPhone bingo.

It's time for another Apple special event and all that it entails. Sure, the new device (or perhaps new devices) will be the biggest news from Tuesday's "Let's Talk iPhone" session, but a new iPhone will be only part of the experience. Though CEO Tim Cook is expected to preside, it's still a mystery as to exactly which Apple execs will take the stage with him. And even besides the "who" and the "what," Apple events have always had their own unique style with signature music, seamless onstage demos, a particular lingo, and some of the slickest multimedia presentations you've ever seen.

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There's no doubt that it will be a show, and CNET will be there to bring you all the events as they happen in words, photos, and video. And as you follow along, we invite you to join in the fun with CNET's iPhone event bingo. We know that we're not the first with this idea--Ars Technica did it for a number of years--but we couldn't think of a better way to make Tuesday's event more interactive for you.

Below are the first two bingo cards, which you can print. We'll add two more cards before Tuesday to spice up the competition and keep things interesting. CNET is not offering prizes if you win, but we hope that you'll still play along just the same. And if you did get "Bingo," let us know in the comments. Good luck!

Josh Long/CNET