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Play 3D games on the iPhone with Hasbro my3D goggles

Hasbro's mad-looking my3D is a device that looks like a pair of binoculars -- stick your iPhone in it and you can view 3D content.

Hasbro's new my3D system allows you to watch 3D content on your iPhone or iPod touch -- using a device resembling a pair of binoculars.

It looks rather like a kids' version of Silence of the Lambs-style night-vision goggles, with a slot for your Apple handset at the front. Peer into these things and you'll be able to move your head and explore 360-degree environments with 3D images.

You can already see some of the possibilities. Watching video could be a whole different experience if you're 'in' the movie. Augmented reality, using the phone's camera and accelerometer, means you could interact with your environment -- think particularly fun nights at the museum.

You can visit the App Store for content, and Hasbro said it had teamed up with movie studio Dreamworks, as well as a 3D television network in association with Sony, Discovery and Imax. The my3D goggles will be priced at a very reasonable sounding $30 (£19).

Hasbro has worked with tourist destinations in LA to create "virtual travel experiences", including the Wax Museum and the Santa Monica Pier, according to the Associated Press. Other apps let users feel as though they're exploring coral reefs or shooting spacecraft.

We have a few questions though -- will people be comfortable looking through these in public? How does gaming work if you haven't got your fingers on the touchscreen? Will it give you Earth-shatteringly bad headaches?

Whatever its drawbacks, it does show that 3D in the home is becoming more accessible, with the Nintendo 3DS and Sharp 3D smart phones showing you don't necessarily have to spend thousands of pounds for the experience.