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Pixel phones can now unlock and start your BMW

An update for Google phones also lets you quickly access Snapchat from the lock screen.

Pixel phones are getting new features.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Google unveiled its latest features for Pixel phones on Monday, including an option to quickly access Snapchat from your lock screen and to use your Pixel 6 as a digital car key. 

With the software update, Pixel owners can open the messaging app directly from the lock screen with a new feature called Quick Tap to Snap. The feature is available for all Pixels since the 5G Pixel 4A. And Google is adding a Pixel-exclusive lens, called Pixel Face, to your snaps starting this month. 

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners are getting an additional update. For some 2020-2022 BMW models, Pixel 6 owners can lock and unlock their car by tapping the phone to the door handle. They can also start a BMW by placing a Pixel 6 on the interior key reader while pressing the engine start button. The option to use the Pixel 6 as a digital car key comes after Android 12 introduced a similar feature earlier this year.  

The updates are rolling out Monday through next week.