Pixel 4 reportedly spotted days after Google confirms its existence

When the Pixel 4 leaks start coming not even Google can control them.

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Eli Blumenthal

Google's Pixel 4 continues to leak. 


Google tried to control the narrative around the rampant Pixel 4 leaks that have appeared online over the last few weeks, sharing an official image of the back of the phone on Twitter earlier this week. But not even the search giant can control the leaky ship. There appears to be a new image of the company's forthcoming Pixel now popping up online. 

Captured by an anonymous "tipster" in London, on Friday 9to5Google shared images of what looks like the Pixel 4 in the wild, new rear camera square bump and all. No images were shared of the front of the device, which was in what appears to be a fabric case similar to what Google sells for the Pixel 2 , 3 and 3A. The site does, however, say that according to their source the phone did have two front cameras and a large "forehead."  


Google shared an official image of the Pixel 4. 


In addition to multiple rear cameras, the Pixel 4 is expected to feature a redesigned front that may incorporate Google's Project Soli for allowing hand gestures to control the phone. It's also expected to run Android Q and take advantage of the company's revamped Assistant

Google is expected to fully detail and release the Pixel 4 in October. 

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