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Pixel 2 comes with a free Google Home Mini

Make your home a Google Home with the company's newest phone and a bonus smart speaker.

100417-google-pixel 2 colors

Get it before its gone!


If you have a long shopping list after Google's event on Wednesday, we don't blame you. But before you start adding to your basket with abandon, check out this offer that will help you consolidate.

Almost immediately as the Pixel 2 was announced, the phone was available for preorder on the Google online store. As soon as preorders opened, Google offered a bonus for Pixel 2 buyers: if you buy a new phone, you will get a Google Home Mini for free.

For Google, this is a great way of helping fans expand their own product ecosystem without mixing in devices from the likes of Apple and Amazon.

One bit of advice: Google's Pixel phones tend to sell out quick, even when they don't come with a free home smart speaker. So if you want to get your hands on one, then go, go, go.

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