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Pink Samsung Galaxy Note en route, looking rosy

A pink version of the Samsung Galaxy Note is rumoured to be arriving in three week's time.

A pink version of the Samsung Galaxy Note could be coming soon, delighting anyone who loves both massive phones and the Financial Times.

Word of the rose-tinted goliath comes via GSMArena, which claims it's been sent an image of the pink Note by an industry insider, showing the cheery-lookin' blower alongside the sombre black and white versions.

Unfortunately that image isn't particularly high on the ol' resolution front, but you can see that the front and back of the gargantuan Note have been given a lick of pink paint. There's no word on whether the stylu... -- sorry, the S Pen -- will be tinted pink as well.

The marketing name for the pink Note appears to be 'berry pink' though the bad news is it won't be arriving in time for Valentine's day -- instead it's reckoned to be made publicly available in the ninth week of the year, which is in three weeks' time.

On the plus side, the Note probably wouldn't make a great gift for your special someone -- it's extremely expensive, and while we were impressed with the 5.3-inch screen, the phone itself is so big, there's every chance you'll wind up frustrated with its pocket-swelling antics.

The pink version is also even more conspicuous than the existing black Note -- meaning this isn't an ideal choice for spies, or those who like to sneakily text their mates under the dinner table.

Fingers crossed we see some official pictures of the pink Note soon. While we wait, why not tell us whether you're keen on the pink edition in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: GSMArena