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Pick the next Prizefight: HTC Droid Incredible vs. ?

Help CNET editors choose the next cell phone Prizefight. Who do you want to see go up against the HTC Droid Incredible?

When the news first hit that Verizon Wireless would offer the HTC Droid Incredible, the reaction was fast and furious and I received an inordinate amount of e-mails about the smartphone. Clearly, the Android device struck a chord with many of you.

Since then, we've had a chance to review the Droid Incredible and it truly is incredible, but, if we're being completely honest, we definitely underestimated the smartphone at first. Sure it had a better camera and more internal memory than some of its competitors, but it's not like the Incredible was offering any new, groundbreaking features, right? Well, we should have known better.

The Droid Incredible's combination of style, user-friendly interface, and blazing speeds were all contributing factors in our decision to give the handset our Editors' Choice Award. It's simply one of the best smartphones on the market today.

But as you know, there are a number of other great smartphones out there, so the buying decision isn't quite that easy. Case in point, many of you have sent in e-mails, still undecided and looking to see how the Droid Incredible compares with some of the other top smartphones, in particular the Motorola Droid, Nexus One, and Apple iPhone 3GS. Anyone else smell a Prizefight brewing?

Unfortunately, our current Prizefight format limits us to just two products, but rather than us picking the Droid Incredible's competitor, we'd thought we'd let you decide. Just use the poll to the left and cast your vote; you can also submit other contenders in the comment section below. We'll pick the winner on Tuesday morning and then start the judging process. Submit your pick now!

Update: A lot of you are asking for the HTC Evo 4G and while that would be our first pick as well, we don't have the device yet. Sprint has not announced an official release date for the handset, but as soon as we get one in, we'll certainly do a second prizefight between the Droid Incredible and Evo 4G. For now, we're only working with the smartphones that are already on the market.