Photoshop app: Now with video

Adobe's venerable Photoshop.com Mobile app can now stream video files from your online account. Version 1.1 also adds new editing tools and artistic borders.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
Photoshop.com Mobile 1.1 offers a handful of nice improvements, including one-tap borders. Adobe

The good news: Adobe's Photoshop.com Mobile app (iTunes link) can now do video. The bad news: it's a one-way proposition.

Specifically, the app can stream videos stored in your Photoshop.com account. It just can't upload videos the way it can snapshots.

Maybe someday. In the meantime, Adobe has taken an already impressive app and has made it better. In my informal tests, streaming worked quickly and effectively. So if you're already using Photoshop.com to house video, here's you chance to watch them on the fly.

As with photos, the app also lets you share videos via e-mail. (Recipients get a link, of course, not the video file itself.)

Other improvements include new straighten, sharpen, and contrast tools. As with existing tools like brightness and tint, everything's gesture-driven: you just drag your finger across the photo, much like you would drag a slider tool with your mouse.

Finally, Adobe has added eight slick artistic borders, including Soft Edge, Vignette, and Film Emulsion. That's a neat way to add some flair to your photos before saving or sharing them.

Needless to say, there are plenty of other apps that let you do all this and more with your photos. But if you're a Photoshop.com user or you just want to take it for a spin (you can get a free account with 2GB of storage), you'll probably find Photoshop.com Mobile a handy companion.

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