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Photos: Sony Ericsson GSMA

Sony Ericsson released a gallery of high-end phones at the GSMA Wold Congress in Barcelona.

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Kent German
Sony Ericsson X1 Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson made a strong showing at the GSMA World Congress in Barcelona. The company announced several new models, all of which make an effort to stand out. And you can see them here in our Sony Ericsson GSMA slide show. The biggest news is its new Xperia X1. The first Sony Ericsson Windows Mobile phone, it features a full alphabetic keyboard with a unique "arc" slider design. The Sony Ericsson booth staff isn't letting the two Z1s we saw out of their hands, so we didn't get a good chance to play with it yet. Our guess is that it's such an early prototype that only the most basic features work so far. Indeed, I've played with new Sony Ericsson phones at trade shows before and have found that only the top-level functions are working. As such, I'd guess that the company doesn't want nosy product reviewers giving the X1 too much of a shakedown.

The company's other new handsets include two Cyber-shot models, the C702 and C902, a new W980 Walkman phone and the sleek Z770, which is optimized for Web browsing. Sony Ericsson also gave us a new product line with the G700 and G900. They offer innovative touch screens that look very promising. Be sure to check out each and every phones in our Sony Ericsson GSMA slide show.