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Photos: Samsung's latest phones, straight from Korea

Out in South Korea last week, Crave had a butchers at some of Samsung's latest phones at its HQ in Seoul

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While Crave was out in South Korea with Samsung last week, we saw a presentation of some of their latest mobile phones. In 2005, Samsung launched around 140 phones and over the next year it looks like it's going to make a whole bunch more.

Right now Samsung is the world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer and is making technological advancements at an incredible pace. This is a selection of some of its latest handsets, some of which will come to the UK.

The Samsung X830 (pictured) is Samsung's first attempt at a dedicated music phone. It features a flick-to-open mechanism, 1GB of onboard memory and a scroll wheel. This is a sign of things to come and sources at Samsung informed me that it is soon going to launch a new range of music phones in the UK, to compete with the likes of Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

Our sources also leaked that Samsung is going to make a phone that's even thinner than the Samsung X820, which is only 6.9mm thick.

At 6.9mm thick, the Samsung X820 is part of the company's Ultra range and is truly pocket friendly. Impressively, it also manages to pack in a 2-megapixel camera and 80MB of internal memory.

The Samsung D900 is Samsung's flagship Ultra model and it's easy to see why when you check out the 3-megapixel camera with autofocus and thin form factor.

Black is not back and colours are all the rage. The new range of Samsung E900 comes in a variety of colours including this bright orange number.

Along with the X820 and D900, this Ultra Edition handset, called the Samsung D830, measures a mere 10mm thick and features a clamshell form factor.

If you love music then you'll love the Samsung i310. It features a whopping 8GB of onboard memory and comes with a scroll wheel for easy access to tracks.

The Samsung i320 is Samsung's attempt to enter the email smart phone market. It runs on Windows Mobile 5 and has a Qwerty keypad.

If you like compact phones then the Samsung P310, the upgraded version of the P300, is definitely worth a look. However, we preferred the retro calculator looks of the P300.

The Samsung E250 is an entry-level phone that looks similar to the D900 but features a VGA camera instead of a 3-megapixel one.

The Samsung X520 is a stylish Zippo lighter-esque clamshell handset with a large, easy-to-use keypad.

The Samsung Z720 is the upgraded version of the D900 with HSDPA (aka 3.5G) connectivity.

The Samsung Z620 is the 3G version of the D830 and comes with a rotating camera for video calling.

The Samsung Z370 is the 3G version of the X820. It's slightly thicker than its predecessor, at 8.4mm, but it comes with an expandable microSD slot.

Another day, another Qwerty keypad. The Samsung i600 is aimed at any email fans out there and has a VGA camera for any video-call fans too.

The Samsung E420 is aimed predominantly at women and is a clamshell phone with a large keypad and a 0.3-megapixel (VGA) camera.

Last but definitely not least, the E500 is also aimed at women and comes with a gold casing and external colour screen that doubles up as a mirror.