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Photos: A closer look at Google's Android user interface

There's no Google phone, but there is an open Google mobile platform, which will help produce thousands of 'Google' handsets -- watch this space, Apple

Recently Google announced that it was joining forces with other companies to form an Open Handset Alliance, and rather than unveil a Google phone, it launched an open mobile platform called Android.

Up until yesterday, we had no idea what Android looked like. Last night though, Google sent out a press release with pictures of Android and better yet, a video demonstration.

If you want to see what the Google phones of the future are going to look like, these pictures should give you a good idea. We're extremely excited by them and can't wait to get our hands on the first phone running Android. -Andrew Lim

The menu layout is admirably simple and straightforward.

Android fully supports Google apps such as Google Maps, and allows applications to interact with each other across the platform. If you're sent an address in a text message, for example, you could click on it and see it in Google Maps.

This is the software development kit for Android. Google is currently offering a $10m prize to developers who make great Android apps. Any takers?

If the pictures weren't enough, you have to watch this video hosted by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, who alongside engineering director Steve Horowitz demonstrates what Android can do and will potentially be able to do in the future.