Photo-sharing site Imgur launches 'official' Android app

Software allows for users to surf through viral images and share photos of their own. Several bugs from the beta versions have been fixed.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

Photo-sharing site Imgur has officially taken its Android application out of beta.

The company updated the app on Sunday, saying that it's now "officially" available to the Android community. The application has been available in the Google Play store for quite some time, but was offered in beta status. The full-featured version 1.0 is the final build.

The app is Imgur's first major step into mobile. The company has previously succeeded by appealing to a relatively large number of users sharing photos online. Like its Web-based counterpart, the free Android app allows users to browse through viral images and upload their own photos from their handset.

Imgur's "official" application comes as the company fixed several bugs that users found in the beta version. Whether all of the kinks are worked out so far, however, remains to be seen.

According to Android users, the current version includes ads, which has earned the app some negative reviews in the Google Play marketplace. Imgur had hoped to launch an iOS app alongside its Android alternative, but Apple has so far not approved that app.

(Via TechCrunch)