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Perfectly Clear for Android makes your pictures look right

One of the best autocorrection apps for iOS comes to Android with new tools, a new interface, and faster performance.

Screenshot by Joshua Goldman

There are several Android photo-editing apps with autocorrection, but none of them are as good as Athentech's Perfectly Clear for iOS. Perfectly Clear for Android, however, seems to top it.

Perfectly Clear basically does one thing -- autocorrect photos. If you're looking for filters or editing tools, you'll have to look elsewhere. But for quickly fixing underexposures, poor white balance, soft details, or dull colors, this is your app.

The interface has been redesigned from the iOS version for better workflow and the processing has been reengineered to take full advantage of newer Android devices, giving it a performance advantage over using Perfectly Clear on an iPhone or iPad.

To get started, just open a photo or photos (the app can process several pictures at the same time) and Perfectly Clear goes to work, applying a general autocorrection. A sliding window on top of your picture lets you quickly see the original and processed result. If that didn't quite fix your shot, there are a few presets that target specific problems.

The results can be further tweaked with a second row of controls for stuff like exposure, tint, and sharpening. Unlike the iOS version that puts all of these sliders onscreen at once, the new Android interface lets you select one correction option at a time, so your picture is never completely blocked by adjustment sliders. Each correction has a simple on/off toggle, too, for quickly seeing before and after your corrections.

Also new to the app is a collection of enhancements for portraits: skin softening, eye enhancement, eye enlargement, and teeth whitening. You get all four for an additional in-app purchase of 99 cents.

Once you're done you can export directly to Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail, or just save to your device. (See the slideshow above for a closer look at the interface.)

The app sells for $1.99, but is available now through August for 99 cents.