​Pebble Time adding new health-tracking watch faces, and can respond to texts and calls better

A new software update hits today.

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Scott Stein

Pebble has slowly been getting better at being a basic fitness tracker. Now it's getting better watch faces to help.

A software update for Pebble Time watches hitting February 3 finally brings a chance for nice new watch faces to emerge that will show your health stats without you needing to dig deep into your watch settings. According to Pebble, one face will be arriving today with more on the horizon (developers should be able to add step counts and similar information pretty easily to their watch faces, hopefully).


Distance in miles or kilometers...at last


Pebble Health already tracks steps and sleep automatically, and upcoming health accessories could expand the Pebble's range of skills to add heart rate and more. The watch faces will, ideally, help tie it all together and maybe make the Pebble even better as a fitness watch. The new update also adds a few extra controls in settings to change the way Health shows distance and measurements.


Instant replies made a bit easier.


The Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time Round will be able to do a few more message-response tricks, too. iOS users gain canned quick response messages to texts, while Android users can now respond to incoming calls with a quick text message, or send a new message to a friend from the Pebble using the microphone to dictate.

More details on the new features are on Pebble's blog.