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PC sales push TV out of the picture

Personal computers this quarter for the first time beat the TV in total sales.

Personal computers this quarter for the first time beat out the TV in the electronics popularity contest judged by the American consumer.

American consumers in the first quarter of 1996 bought 937,000 personal computers, according to a report from market research firm Computer Intelligence InfoCorp. That figure outpaces the 660,000 TV sets sold in the same period, as reported by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Association.

While this marks the first time that PCs have bested TVs in volume for a single quarter, American customers will still buy 24 million TVs this year compared to about 10 million PCs. PC vendors, however, still top television manufacturers in revenue because the average PC costs about $1,600 more than the average TV.

Many industry vendors, such as Gateway, are now pushing combination PC-TVs that may make the division obsolete in future.

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