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PBS access extended by carriers like T-Mobile

T-Mobile and PBS partner to supply wireless coverage to millions of people in rural areas of America.

T-Mobile and PBS join forces to give wireless coverage to millions in rural areas.
Paul J. Richard/AFP/Getty Images

Thursday, PBS announced a partnership with T-Mobile to supply wireless coverage and access to public television to rural parts of America.

The wireless carrier T-Mobile will help cover the costs to expand coverage to millions of people in remote areas, ensuring availability of public television and programs like "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", "Masterpiece" and "PBS NewsHour".

"Moves like this will help us expand our network into these underserved areas and give consumers a new level of wireless coverage and choice," said Neville Ray, T-Mobile's chief technology officer.

Currently, federal legislation does not fund the cost for the low-power facilities that are needed for make local broadcasts reach remote rural areas. T-Mobile has pledged to cover these costs, which will lead to 38 million people getting wireless access that would otherwise not have it.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai commended the partnership saying, "Today's announcement is precisely the kind of cross-industry cooperation we need to ensure a smooth transition for broadcasters, wireless providers and American consumers."