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This AR app lets you experience tequila without the hangover

Get access to the Patrón Hacienda via your iPhone and iPad using augmented reality.

Patrón takes its tequila to the next level of reality with its new ARKit app.
Screenshot by Patrick Holland/CNET

In June, Apple announced it would add augmented-reality (AR) functionality to iPhones and iPads via iOS 11. Subsequently when iOS 11 launched in September, a slew of new apps were released with a wide range of AR experiences. Tequila maker Patrón is the latest to join the AR ranks with its app The Patrón Experience.

The app is designed to work on a flat surface like a bar top. It starts with a blue agave plant that grows into the full Patrón Hacienda with rows of agave being tended. A charming miniature bartender guides you through the tasting notes of various kinds of tequila.

The Patrón Experience is only available for iOS with no Android version available at this time. And while AR tequila won't give you a hangover, it might give you a craving for more tequila.


The app is designed to work on a flat surface like a bar.

Screenshot by Patrick Holland/CNET