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Path updated to include Nike+ integration, music matching, camera enhancements

Popular mobile journal sharing app Path has been updated, now with the ability to share your runs through Nike+, find and share the music you're listening to, and add cool filters to photos.

Find out who you're listening to and share it with your followers on Path. Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET

Are you a fan of Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Shazam? Nike+?

Would you be interested in a service that essentially combines the functionality of all these mobile apps into one sleek and simple-to-use program? Then perhaps you should give Path a try.

After its most recent update (see my colleague, Paul Sloan's take here), Path could become a major player in the social networking game, expanding its existing 2 million user base. All these enhancements take the brain-child of former Facebook platform manager, angel investor Dave Morin, to a whole new level.

The major integration win for Path comes in the form of its partnership with Nike+. Now, when you want to complete a workout and share with friends, an option to share on Path is at your disposal. Path's integration is more than just posting your times, though. When you start a run, a note is made on Path. If followers add an emoticon (the equivalent of a Facebook "Like"), you will hear a cheer while running.

Mobile social encouragement. Pretty cool.

Of course Facebook and Twitter are longtime staples in the social-sharing world, but Path's unique user interface could prove to be the difference as consumers continue to search for the best way to express and share themselves and their lives.

And what bigger thing is there in many people's lives than music? Path has tackled music sharing by adding the ability to track and tag music you're listening to and share it to your timeline. Path uses Gracenote to obtain information about the tracks you're listening to so you can accurately let your followers in on your musical tastes.

Also included in the Path 2.1 update is new camera functionality including exposure and focus controls and some new effects that you can apply to photos to give them the classic vintage look and feel that have become a staple of iPhoneography.

The features listed above combined with bug fixes should make Path 2.1 a worthy player for people looking to change up their social networking game. Are you a Path user? How does it compare with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Let me know your opinion in the comments!