Password Wallet for the iPhone: An interesting use of bookmarklets

Password Wallet for the iPhone: An interesting use of bookmarklets

Ben Wilson

We previously reported on a method (and page conversion script) for storing an entire set of HTML in a bookmark on the iPhone (in effect allowing 'Web apps' to live locally on the device) by utilizing the data: URL. All page content is stored in bookmark data, and can be accessed when no network connection exists â?? even if the iPhone is in Airplane mode. HTML snippets stored in this fashion were given the moniker "bookmarklets."

Now one developer Selznick Software, has exploited the bookmarklet methodology to create an interesting tie-in with the company's desktop software, Password Wallet, which stores usernames, passwords and associated information in a central location, Promising to move this data to the iPhone "without any hacks or any Internet connection," the process actually works like this:

  1. Store passwords and other data in Password Wallet for the Mac (currently a Windows version isn't available)
  2. Use the "Export visible entries to bookmarklet for iPhone" option from the File menu
  3. PasswordWallet creates a bookmarklet (data: URL file) containing your stored login/password information and puts it in the Safari bookmarks folder on your Mac.
  4. The next time you sync your iPhone with your Mac, the bookmarklet will appear on the device. It's a small, dynamic Web page that lists all your password records.

So there you have it. Part cheap trick, part innovative use of the bookmarklet phenomenon.

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