Panasonic smart phones coming to the UK

Panny's crazy smart phones are being freed from the Far East and making their way to the UK. Get ready for some pretty out there handsets.

Panasonic? Smart phones? You may not think the two go together, but Panny's phones are big in Japan (along with Sharp's). And it used to sell handsets outside its homeland, though it hasn't since 2005. But that's all about to change.

The manufacturer is on the hunt for a PR company to help get its phones out there, according to PR Week. And the good news for us Brits is the UK is included. Party streamers at the ready.

So what can we expect? Word is, next year Panasonic will be bringing us Android handsets, which gives us a warm feeling inside. One such phone is the Panasonic P-07C, which sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen, as well as mobile TV capabilities (though we're unlikely to see mobile telly on these shores any time soon). But that's just the start.

The company's range includes the Lumix 101p (pictured), a waterproof handset with a ridiculous 13-megapixel camera. (It takes the Lumix moniker from Panasonic's camera range, which might get confusing when we inevitably compare them to Nokia's Lumia phones.) All its phones seem to come in a range of colours too, so expect them to look pretty great as well as boast some crazy specs. Thirteen megapixels, we ask you.

The brief for whichever PR company is chosen includes five other European countries, as well as the UK, so it sounds as though Panny will be dropping mobile bombs all over the continent. The closest it's come at the moment in the UK is DECT phones, and we all know how exciting they are.

With more than 200 million Android devices around, and top-end handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Razr hitting shelves now, it'll be interesting to see what Panasonic brings to the cake sale in 2012.

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