Palm, Windows Mobile and Vodafone get it on in the UK

If you love your Palm Treo but yearn for Windows Mobile, worry no more, because Palm and Vodafone are launching a Windows smart phone in the UK this year

Andrew Lim

Last year rumours started flying around the Web about a Palm smart phone that ran Windows Mobile. They were eventually confirmed with the announcement of the Palm Treo 700W but unfortunately it would only be released in the US on the Verizon network.

Crave was gutted when we realised that we'd probably have to wait a year before seeing a Palm Windows handset in the UK. Information on a UK Windows Mobile Palm handset has been very thin on the ground and nobody knew exactly what we'd be getting.

Fortunately, we can dry our eyes because yesterday Palm announced that a Palm smart phone running Windows Mobile will hit the UK. It'll be sold by the Vodafone network and will be available in Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands as well.

Palm says the phone will have 3G connectivity, push email and will run on Windows Mobile 5.0, but further details are being held back for the launch of the handset itself.

It seems like Palm wants to whet our appetite and leave us hungry for more but at least now we can rest easy that this is definitely coming to the UK. There's still no word on pricing but Palm assures us that it will be available before the end of the year: possibly just in time for Christmas. -AL