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Palm Pre on Verizon

Recent reports are that the Pre will be coming to Verizon. Nothing against sprint, I think this will be good for the Pre

On Tuesday, 27 July, Verizon confirmed that it will be offering the Palm Pre in early 2010: CNET: Verizon to offer Palm Pre in early 2010. Nothing against sprints network or pricing, I think this will bode well for Palm and the Pre, which appears to be struggling to keep up with the iPhone and G1.

The Pre has a good foundation with some important features, but is coming up short in terms of applications and some of the finishing touches of it's existing features (like viewing a missed call!!! Missed Calls - a MISS). I am optimistic that with the power and presence (and promise!) of additional carriers, some of these 'features' will be fixed and there will be an incentive for developers to develop good (or even common) apps for the Pre.

Additionally, there have been numerous rants about what the iPhone's exclusivity with AT&T has done for the market. I think having the Pre available on multiple networks not only expands Palm's consumer base, but gives consumers more choices. More consumers, more choices and more competition will raise the bar for innovation and capability for this and all smart phones. Hopefully, things like battery life and viewing missed calls won't be sacrificed because of the 'niche' market created by the phone.