Palm Pre and me, at 57

A little about me and the Palm Pre.

Paula Collins
3 min read

Like fine wine, we're getting better with time.

Hhhheeeellllloooo, electronic world. I'm here on the planet of electronics alive and well aaannnnddd thriving. You're probably wondering who I am and what's up with all of this hullabaloo. Well, I am a 57 year old woman named Paula. Why am I giving you my age? Because most people think I'm way younger than 57 because of all the electronics I possess. We live in a technology world and with time more and more technology pop up on the world scene. So my philosophy is "Why let it pass you by with age, instead become like wine and get better with time". How about that!!!

So now let me tell you a little about myself. Age and name was stated above, in case you didn't get it. ;0) I am here to give you my opinion about the "PALM PRE", from a 57 year old's point of view. But before I do, let me tell you how I got into the electronic world. I started with my first computer back in 1993, loved it. Then the cell phone became affordable, so had to have that as well. Then all of a sudden this creature came to earth, named Palm, and laid these little eggs called the PDA and I had to have that as well. I grabbed my first one, the Palm 650, on the Sprint network back in early 2000. (Exact dates escape me because of my age, I have to save all of my brain power so I can learn about all these gadgets that are possessing me, so dates and numbers, my brain don't have any room for them). Anyway, I progressed up the ladder to the Palm 700p, then changed to the HTC Mogul the first one, then the Blackberry Curve and now I'm back with Palm with the Palm Pro. Hhhhhuuuummmm, a lot of PDA's you might say. Well, there were features I liked in all of them, as well as features I didn't like.

I started out with the Palm OS system but I wanted to see how the windows OS worked, since I couldn't get on certain web-sites with the Palm OS. So I switched over to the Windows OS HTC Mogul. Hhhhhhuuummm that was an interesting journey. Now as I'm traveling down the road of the PDA's I just had to find out what all the hype was about the Blackberry. So the first of this year I brought the Blackberry Curve for myself as well as my husband. Then the bells of change started ringing in my ears as well as on the web with continuous e-mail advertisements and these little boxes that keep popping up every time you got on the internet, about this new egg that Palm was getting ready to lay, THE PALM PRE with a new and better operating system. Huh, now that sounds interesting, what's' that all about? Well, we'll see as I will be giving you the full run down on the likes and dislikes of the Palm Pre. Oh by the way I just brought the Palm Pro, if I hadn't said it before, so I'll throw that in the mix as well.

Just wanted to give you a prelude to who I am and what I'll be doing. I can't start blogging about the Palm Pre until June 29th (which has passed, but I have to hold up until they say go) so as we get closer and closer to the time I'll be checking in to let you feel and hear my excitement. (I'll try to keep any disappointment to a soft and low whisper).

Anyway, ta ta for now and I'll catch you in a few.