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Palm Pre 2: Is the cat out of the bag?

French carrier SFR may have prematurely announced the 1Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0, some sites report.

Palm Pre 2
France's SFR site on the Palm Pre 2. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

If the avalanche of this morning's Windows Phone 7 news can remind us of one thing, it's this: technology brands that are down aren't necessarily out. In that sense, today's news concerning a Palm Pre 2 smartphone running WebOS couldn't have been better timed.

French mobile operator SFR published a short post that clearly announces the Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0. There's no full list of specs, but the site reports that the Palm Pre sequel holds with the same basic design, except for a flatter screen and more refined overall look.

Inside, SFR reports that the Palm Pre 2 will run off a 1 GHz processor and carry 512MB internal memory. There's better Facebook integration, the post says, with push notification for messages, wall posts, and chat.

Though we still haven't heard anything official from HP on this side of the pond, there has been plenty of speculation about what HP would do with Palm's WebOS operating system and the Palm hardware now that HP owns it. With iOS and Android on the march, and with five Windows Phone 7 models breaking out in time for the holidays, a new Palm WebOS smartphone could be just what HP needs to remind the mobile multitude that it's still here--at least in France.

(Via Phonedog, Engadget, SFR (translated))