Palm Backup, Effective Or FLop?

The palm Pre has a built in backup feature? how does it stack up? find out now

Matthew Lutker
2 min read
Palm backup, when thinking of a backup program first thoughts go to the Windows Mobile style of backup. With WM, a backup is ran and than the file is saved to the storage card as an .EXE file which is executed after your hard/master reset. (as long as you were running same rom) Pre users will jump onto one big problem with that thought, the Pre doesn't have a memory card slot. So how does it work than? When initially setting up and activating your device you go through many settings and options, one of these settings is called create a Palm Profile for backups and remote wipe management. During this set-up it tells the user that there apps and settings will be saved and later can be restored through these settings. That is true to an extent but Palm really sugar coated what they call a backup program. The backup program does restore the settings that it says it does but does a very limited job of doing so.
During the restore you will notice all your apps are there, Great! Not so much. Your apps are there but all the settings to those apps are gone. This to me seems a little weak in the fact of how limited the user is to a full restore. If that wasn't enough, the settings that are restored consist of Gmail and Facebook (as examples) but there wont be much of anything else. Upon restore and boot-up the launcher wasn't the way that it was left, the dock was changed back to default,text messages deleted, calender colors gone, and bookmarks had vanished.
The backup program is more of a time saver than it is a life saver. With Windows Mobile if something were to happen on the go I could hard reset and restore all within 15 minutes and have everything there for me. With this backup feature I can only save 15 minutes instead of taking. Ill use it as the time saver it is but don't expect more than that until future development starts or a firmware upgrade is released fixing the issues.