Over half of vacationers pick locales based on 'Insta-worthiness,' study finds


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Instagram Lake

When did vacationing become all about the Instagram likes?

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We've all taken our share of vacation photos or jealously scrolled through a friend's pictures of a trip to an exotic beach. New data from online travel agency eDreams.net shows that pictures play a bigger part in where we're traveling than we might've realized.

More than half of US travelers chose their vacation destination based on how good the photos would look on Instagram , according to eDreams. US travelers come in third, however, after 58% of Italian travelers and 55% of Spanish travelers.

US vacationers hold first place for editing their snapshots before uploading to social media.  Fifty-one percent of US travelers admitted to adding a few filters before publishing an album. eDreams noted a divide between the US and Britain, though. In the US, a slew of vacation photos is interpreted as travelers having fun. In the UK, the poster is seen as a show-off.

"We know that creating a picture-perfect life on social media is a growing trend, especially among millennials. With this new research, we see that US travelers are embracing this trend more than any other nation we surveyed," Robert McNamara, from eDreams, said in a release Wednesday.

eDreams conducted a poll through its website of 8,000 people who traveled by plane in Germany, France, Spain, the UK, Portugal, Italy and the US. 

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