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OtterBox's new kids iPad case is kind of nifty

The new $60 OtterBox EasyGrab Tablet Case incorporates a stand that also hooks on to the back of car seats.

The new Otterbox kids' accessories are all available now.

A lot of parents put OtterBox cases on their kids' devices, but until now OtterBox really hasn't had any true kid-specific accessories. The company is changing that with the addition of its new EasyGrab Tablet Case for select iPad models, including the entry-level 7th- and 8th-generation iPads, as well as the 5th-generation iPad Mini. Available today at Target.com and coming soon to Otterbox.com and other retailers, the case costs $60 ($50 for the iPad Mini version) and comes in three color options -- purple, blue and yellow. There's no word yet on international pricing. 

Aside from being protective, what's nifty about the EasyGrab case is that it includes a detachable stand that's bendable, allowing you to prop up your iPad at whatever angle you want. Also, it has built-in hooks so you can clip it onto a car's headrest for backseat video watching.

While the case is targeted at kids, OtterBox reps told me its design is meant to appeal to both children and adults so parents won't feel embarrassed using the case on their iPads, which they happen to allow their children to use. While the EasyGrab is a little bulky, and I tend to prefer folio cases with screen protection, I thought it was well designed overall. However, as noted, the flexible stand is what really distinguishes it.


The case has a stand with integrated hooks for attaching to a car's headrest.

Along with the new kids' cases OtterBox is also introducing two other accessories as part of its new kids' portfolio: A $40 glass screen protector (for those same iPad models) with blue light filtering and the EasyGrab Mobile Cable Bundle that features cables with an innovative coiled design that helps absorb tugs and pulls (yes, more cables should be coiled). The bundle includes an audio cable and USB-A to Lightning cable for $40