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Growling at Yeti, OtterBox is venturing into bear-resistant coolers

Returning to its drybox roots, iPhone case-maker OtterBox has a new line of Venture coolers to take on the likes of fast-growing Yeti.


OtterBox is known for its drop-resistant phone and tablet cases, but way back when (1998), it started out making dryboxes to store electronic devices. Making a return to its roots, it's moving into the outdoor market with its line of Venture coolers and Elevation tumblers that it says "incorporate superior cooling technology and OtterBox durability."

These are premium coolers that start at $250 and are designed to take on competing products from Yeti, which has seen explosive growth in recent years selling really expensive coolers -- first to hunters, then to soccer moms. OtterBox's coolers will be available soon at and in Best Buy stores in early June.

The rugged coolers are customizable with optional accessories.


According to OtterBox, the new coolers, available in three sizes -- Venture 25 ($250), Venture 45 ($350) and Venture 65 ($400) -- are certified bear-resistant, though you'll need to pay extra for the OtterBox Locking Kit, sold separately, to make them bear-resistant. They can hold ice for up to 14 days and have been drop tested on every side and edge, empty and full.

Thanks to a built-in mounting system, you'll be able to customize your cooler with attachable accessories, including a cutting board, dry storage tray, bottle opener, drybox and separators.

The Elevation tumblers, which start at $25 and come in three sizes based on the number of ounces of liquid they hold -- Elevation 10 ($25), 20 ($30) and 64 ($90) -- are also customizable with various lids, including a french-press lid for making coffee.

OtterBox Venture coolers key specs:

  • Sturdy latches snap securely closed and hang out of the way when the cooler is open. Design allows for easy one-handed close and open
  • Antislide rubber feet
  • Durable integrated handles that double as tie-down anchors and offer a comfortable, stable carry
  • Slanted interior bottom for easy draining
  • Interior nesting grooves, cutting board and storage tray rest on inner rim even when fully loaded
  • Organization slots to create custom compartments (Separator sold separately)
  • Each Venture cooler is true to size: Venture 25 provides 25 quarts of internal capacity, etc.
  • Customizable experience with a variety of durable accessories, including a bottle opener, cup holders, dry storage tray, cutting board, side table and drybox clip
  • Backed by OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in Hudson (white and blue), Ridgeline (tan and green) and Back Trail (Realtree Xtra camo) colors