Other Minor Additions to iPhone OS 2.2

Other Minor Additions to iPhone OS 2.2

Ben Wilson

We continue to note minor, unodcumented enhancements in iPhone OS 2.2:

Better shift-key behavior iPhone OS 2.2 exhibits better behavior than its predecessors with regard to typing over capitalized letters. As described by one iPhone Atlas reader:

"I don't know if this was in 2.1 or not, but suppose you are typing and put a capitalized word in the sentence: example "I wanted to call Stuhlman" but you type the capitalized word incorrectly. If you delete the letters, when you delete the capitalized letter, the shift key on the keyboard engages, as the iPhone OS is assuming you meant to capitalize the first letter. I know this may not sound clear, but try it."

Automatic WebClip icon change One iPhone Atlas reader disvoered that launching a website by clicking on a WebClip icon is enough to get the icon to change (if it's been changed obviously). Previously, if a website changed their WebClip Icon, the only way of getting it was to delete the WebClip from your homescreen, visit the site and then 'add to homescreen' again.

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