Orangetheory launches fitness tracker that connects to your Apple Watch

Orangetheory's new OTbeatLink lets members use their own Apple Watch instead of the brand's separate heart rate monitor during exercise classes.

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Mercey Livingston
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The OTbeatLink tracks your heart rate during Orangetheory classes.


Orangetheory launched a new device Thursday that allows members to use their own Apple Watch to track their heart rate during classes. The device, called the OTbeatLink, attaches to the band of your Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate and syncs that data to a live leaderboard in each Orangetheory class. 


The OTbeatLink is a separate device that attaches to the Apple Watch.

Orangetheory Fitness

Previously, the only way to get your workout stats to show up on that live leaderboard was to buy one of Orangetheory's own heart rate monitoring devices

Now you can use your Apple Watch to get your stats and post-workout reports without needing to buy a dedicated heart rate tracker.

You do however have to purchase the OTbeatLink ($129) at Orangetheory studios or on Apple's website for the integration to work. This device attaches to your Apple Watch (available for Apple Watch Series 3 and newer).

Once you activate the OTbeatLink, you can select Orangetheory in the Apple Workout app, prompting the screen on your watch to mirror the in-studio heart rate monitors during class, which also show which color "zone" you are in. Your hard work during Orangetheory classes will also count toward your Move and Exercise rings on the Apple Watch.

"Based on our research, over 90% of Orangetheory members use an iOS device, with 43% using an Apple Watch," Dave Long, CEO and co-founder of Orangetheory Fitness told CNET. "Our number one priority at Orangetheory is our members, so we jumped at the opportunity to provide them with even more value and personalization."

Orangetheory also confirmed that there are no plans at the moment to develop integrations with other fitness tracker brands like Fitbit.