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Orange Wednesdays: Pacino and now pizza

Enjoy Orange Wednesdays? The middle of the week is about to get a whole lot more exciting, because the mobile network has teamed up with Pizza Express to offer 2 for 1 pizza as well as movies

If you're an Orange customer, you'll most certainly revel in the 2-for-1 cinema ticket deal on Orange Wednesdays -- an offer our chief sub-editor Nick Hide is rather partial to. What you might be surprised -- and delighted -- to find out is that for the next six months Orange is also offering a 2-for-1 pizza deal at Pizza Express with free garlic pizza bread or garlic doughballs. We had to slip Ritalin in Nick's coffee to calm him down.

Instead of just being able to treat someone to a movie on a Wednesday, you can now give them the timeless gift of pizza. We'd like to say we're over the moon about this deal, but there is something we're slightly disappointed about: you need to print out a voucher before you visit the Pizza Express.

We envisaged a cheeky text -- FILM to 241 -- for the cinema deal and then being able to use the same code to get a free pizza, but it seems that you'll need to print out a voucher too. It's all too fiddly in our opinion and reminds us of the Domino's texting system we initially loved, but ended up being annoyed with. Hopefully Pizza Express and Orange will change this so you can just show staff your Orange code and get involved with a Sloppy Giuseppe faster than you can say, "Where are my dough balls?!"