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Orange offers first Twitter photo uploads by MMS

Orange has created a new Twitter photo-sharing site, which is the first to allow MMS upload

Orange has become the first UK network to offer photo upload to Twitter via MMS. The citrus-flavoured phone company has launched a new photo-sharing service called Snapshot, which allows you to share pictures on Twitter -- even without a data signal.

The news was revealed on the Twitter blog, and also by our old friend Conor from Orange. This follows the 'news' that Stephen Fry has switched his iPhone contract to Orange.

Third-party photo services include TwitPic and yfrog. These require a Web connection to upload images, whereas Orange customers will now be able to upload images without a decent data signal. Standard message costs apply. For more Twitter picture goodness, take a look behind the scenes with the CNET UK picture gallery.

You can now tweet by sending a text or MMS to 86444 if you're on Orange, Vodafone and O2. You can also tweet from any network by registering your phone in the Twitter settings and texting to 07624 801423.