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Orange launches '2MB for €2' roaming plan, and HD Voice gets a UK trial

Orange launches a daily data roaming plan for customers hoping to keep charges down while travelling abroad, and confirms a UK trial of HD Voice for this spring

Orange has announced new data plans for travellers hoping to keep their roaming charges down. From this month if you use your Orange mobile while travelling within the European Union -- such as on a trip to Barcephona -- you'll receive a text asking if you'd like to buy 2MB of data for €2 (£1.70).

Data-roaming charges are certifiably the worst thing in the known universe, so any step towards moderating the extortionate costs consumers face while using their mobiles for browsing abroad are extremely welcome. Two megabytes of data isn't exactly generous, but it'll let you answer your emails, (so long as there are no hefty attachments) and do some modest Web browsing, but don't try to download any large images, and definitely stay away from YouTube videos.

Still, here's hoping this move encourages other networks to get competitive. A data-roaming price war might be the only chance we have of actually using our smart phones overseas without having to resort to selling our kidneys on the black market.

In other network news, Orange will be rolling out Mobile HD Voice in Europe later this year. UK customer trials will be starting in the spring and will go on for three months, so if you're eagerly awaiting phone calls in such high definition that it feels like your friends are breathing right into your ears, you might not have to wait too much longer. Stay tuned for updates.