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Orange iPhone 4 price revealed

Orange has officially revealed its iPhone 4 price plans. Click to find out how to get a new iPhone 4 for free

Orange has officially revealed its iPhone 4 price plans. Eighteen and twenty-four month contracts are available, with the handset available for free on one plan. Pay as you go prices also reveal that Orange handsets will be cheaper than those bought unlocked from Apple.

So far we've seen pricing from Vodafone, with O2 kindly offering to buy existing iPhone offers out of their contracts. Tesco Mobile has now been added to the list of iPhone networks. Apple has unveiled prices for the unlocked handset alone, without a SIM card or network contract, but has already sold out of pre-orders. Anyone buying through the Apple Web site now will have to wait until 2 July, a week after the 24 June release date, to get their phone.

Ready for some numbers? Eyes down for a full house. You will be able to get a 16GB iPhone 4 for free, but you have to commit to two years of paying £75 a month. That gets you unlimited texts and calling, with a bonus 100 minutes and 20MB roaming in Europe.

iPhone 4

On an eighteen month contract, the £75 tariff gets you a 16GB handset for a hundred quid -- or a 32GB model for £140 -- with 3000 minutes and 500 texts.

iPhone 4

All the eighteen-month contracts are capped at 500 texts, while the two year contracts all give you unlimited messages, except the very cheapest £30 plan. That nets you a 16GB phone for £170 or 32GB for £270, plus 150 minutes and 250 texts. Business plans are also available.

Every tariff secures you unlimited browsing, or at least up to Orange's 750MB fair use cap. That number also applies to your free BT Openzone Wi-Fi surfing, which is included in the contract. Tethering bundles start at £5 per month.

iPhone 4

We can now compare Orange's pay as you go price for the phone -- locked to an Orange SIM but with no contract -- with Apple's SIM-free price. Orange offers the 16GB model for £480, which is £20 cheaper than Apple's £500 price. The 32GB model is £570, which saves you £30 over Apple's £600 price. Topping up £50 when you first get the phone saves you another tenner. Pay as you go deals all come with 250MB browsing.

Click here for Orange's pricing in full. Have these numbers tempted you? Thoughts in the comments please, phone fans.