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Optus turns 3G phones into free-to-air PVRs

Optus is taking the TV out of watching TV by launching a new service, which lets you record shows to an Optus server and stream them later to your phone.

(Credit: Optus)

Watching TV these days takes a lot of forward thinking. Not only do you have to know what you want to watch and when it's on, but you also have to pray that you can make time in your busy work/life balance to slot some boob tube time in.

Connecting a PVR to your TV can help you to catch up on shows when you have a spare moment, but what if your spare moments tend to happen when you are away from your living room?

Optus thinks it has the answer. Launching its new TV Now service today, Optus effectively turned 3G phones on the Optus network into portable PVRs for free-to-air TV broadcasts. Customers jump on their phones or PCs to browse and find the shows they want, and then schedule the recording, which takes place back at planet Optus. When you find that window of spare time, you stream the recorded program to your handset or on any computer. Optus assures us that this streaming will be entirely unmetered, so it won't count against your data usage for the month.

The service is free for all Optus customers with compatible handsets, with everyone getting a standard 45 minutes of recording space each month as part of their plans. You can continually delete old shows and record new ones to this space, or you can leave the recordings to delete automatically after 30 days. If you feel like recording more frequently, you can choose to upgrade the service for AU$6.99 per month for five hours of storage or AU$9.99 per month for 20 hours.