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Optus reveals pricing for iPhone 5s, 5c

Optus has finally revealed its plans for the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c, coming in middle of the field between Vodafone and Telstra's offerings.

Optus has revealed its pricing structure for the two new Apple iPhone handsets.

(Credit: Optus)

Pricing for the 16GB 5c model on a 24-month contract starts at AU$57 per month, which includes unlimited standard national SMS and MMS, plus 200MB of data and 200 minutes of talk time. The next plan will cost AU$63 per month for unlimited SMS/MMS, 500MB and 450 minutes, while the highest 16GB plan is AU$69 per month for unlimited SMS/MMS, 1GB and 600 minutes.

The same contract terms with the 32GB model increase the prices to AU$62, AU$69 and AU$74, respectively.

For the higher-end handset, Optus will offer the iPhone 5s in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants. There are five plans in total for each capacity, summarised in the tables below:

16GB model

Monthly cost Talk time Included data SMS/MMS
AU$62 200 minutes 200MB Unlimited
AU$69 450 minutes 500MB Unlimited
AU$74 600 minutes 1GB Unlimited
AU$85 800 minutes 2GB Unlimited
AU$100 Unlimited 3GB Unlimited

32GB model

Monthly cost Talk time Included data SMS/MMS
AU$67 200 minutes 200MB Unlimited
AU$74 450 minutes 500MB Unlimited
AU$79 600 minutes 1GB Unlimited
AU$89 800 minutes 2GB Unlimited
AU$106 Unlimited 3GB Unlimited

64GB model

Monthly cost Talk time Included data SMS/MMS
AU$72 200 minutes 200MB Unlimited
AU$80 450 minutes 500MB Unlimited
AU$86 600 minutes 1GB Unlimited
AU$98 800 minutes 2GB Unlimited
AU$112 Unlimited 3GB Unlimited

Compared to the Vodafone and Telstra offerings, the Optus plans sit in the middle of the playing field. For example, the highest-capacity 64GB iPhone 5s is available for unlimited calls, texts and 3GB of data on Telstra for AU$145, Optus for AU$112 or Vodafone for AU$104. Vodafone's highest-end plan for this phone includes 5GB of data, rather than 3GB on Optus and Telstra.

The telco will be taking pre-orders for phones from 2am AEST on Friday, 20 September. Full plan details can be found on the Optus website.