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Oppo Finder takes the title of world's thinnest smart phone

The world's thinnest smart phone measures just 6.65mm thick and goes on sale 6 June.

This is the Oppo Finder, the world's thinnest smart phone. It measures just 6.65mm thick, pipping the Huawei Ascend P1S to the title by 0.03mm. As a comparison, the iPhone 4S is 9.3mm thin.

Despite its wafer proportions, it packs some pretty impressive specs. Inside is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB storage. The screen is a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus jobbie, and on the back sits an 8-megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p HD resolution video. On the front is a 1.3-megapixel camera that shoots video in 720p HD. Like I say, impressive.

A Chinese company makes the phone and there's no word on whether we'll ever see it reach these shores, but we can hope. It'll undoubtedly generate plenty of interest, with these specs coupled with lithe dimensions. Chinese phone makers are doing big business, with the likes of Huawei and ZTE becoming more popular for their combination of low price and high-end specs.

According to M.I.C Gadget, the Finder will be up for pre-order on 6 June, costing 3,999 yuan (£402).

Here's a teaser video, showing just how much slimmer the Finder is than competing handsets.

The Huawei Ascend P1S claimed the crown for world's thinnest smart phone back in January, but now it looks positively bloated in comparison. It also boasts some not at all shabby specs, with a 1.5GHz processor and 1GB RAM. Where do they fit it all? The P1S also runs Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest build of Android. Its follow-up, Jelly Bean, is expected this summer.

Would you buy a phone this slim? Or is it going too far? Are other aspects more important when weighing up which handset to plump for? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page.