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Opera Mobile browser 9.5 revealed

Hold on tight: Opera promises that 9.5 will be the fastest mobile Web experience yet.

Opera Mobile 9.5 in action

Not only will the world's luckiest tech journos be sunning themselves and hoeing into delicious paella during the World Mobile Congress (WMC) in Barcelona next week, but they will also get an exclusive hands-on with the new version of Opera Mobile.

Web browser renegade Opera has unveiled its latest browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian mobile devices, promising the fastest mobile Web browsing experience yet. Some user-friendly interface upgrades include tabbed browsing and a page zooming feature for moving in and out of an enlarged view, apparently minus additional page loading.

Version 9.5 will include an upgrade to Opera's Presto page rendering technology and Opera estimates a page rendering speed 2.5 times faster than Internet Explorer Mobile. In addition, Opera will make Widgets available for download, allowing users to access Web content without having to open their browsers.

The closest your erstwhile correspondent is getting to Barcelona next week is the reek of sangria on our breath while we mutter dark thoughts about the special few. As such, the closest we've gotten to Opera Mobile 9.5 so far is the video demonstration of the browser on the Opera Web site. Nonetheless, this looks set to provide us with the best mobile Web experience yet.

No word yet on when the browser will be officially released to the public, but stay tuned next week for all the news and announcements coming out of the WMC in Barcelona.