Opera Mini 4: One of the best mobile browsers ever made

Want to browse the Web on your mobile but hate your browser? Try Opera Mini 4 and get a better mobile Internet experience

Unless you've been living with Ray Mears in the Amazonian jungle, you may have noticed that the iPhone has been getting a vast pile of press lately, in particular about how good Apple's mobile browser is.

But what if you don't want an iPhone, or can't afford one, and you still want a good mobile Web experience? Is there another browser out there that can compete with the might of the iPhone? Yes, there is -- it's called Opera Mini 4.

Available on a plethora of different handsets, including many Nokia, Sony Ericsson and even BlackBerry models, Opera Mini 4 is without a doubt Opera's best mobile browser to date. Let us explain why it deserves such acclaim.

Opera Mini 4 works similarly to the iPhone browser in as much as it displays a complete overview of a full Web page and then lets you zoom in and out with relative ease. Switching to landscape mode is also very straightforward, allowing you to use the full length of your phone's screen.

In addition to these great features, the pages are automatically resized for your phone's screen, so you don't feel short-changed in overview mode. We've been using it for two days now and we have to say that it's truly superb -- and it's free. If you want to test it out, direct your current mobile browser to and then download it directly to your phone. (Data charges may apply, of course, depending on your contract.) -Andrew Lim