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Opera Max promises to cut data usage across apps

Available as a public beta client, Opera compresses data in most of your Android apps.

Opera aims to help Android users save on data with Opera Max

Android users looking to save on their data plans may want to get in line for Opera's latest beta app, Opera Max.

Initially announced in December, the app has spent the better part of two months in a private beta. On Tuesday, Opera is expanding the Opera Max beta to the public, albeit with a waiting list.

Like the company's flagship Opera Web browser, the Opera Max application is designed to compress data help save users from spilling their precious, allotted megabytes.

Instead of only helping out with Web sites, however, Max promises to do the same across many of your data-driven apps. This means you can potentially slim down the data load required by Instagram, Vine, and Google Drive, to name a few.

As of today, the pre-registration public beta is available to Android users in the US and Western Europe. Looking ahead, Opera plans to incorporate Eastern Europe into the Opera Max fold as well. If you'd like to sign up, head over to the Google Play Store, download the app, and you'll be automatically placed on the waiting list.

Opera will be attending Mobile World Congress next week. We'll likely hear much more about Opera Max at the show.