OnePlus teams up with McLaren, hinting at special-edition OnePlus 6T

The phone-maker and automaker will jointly host an event on Dec. 11.

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Chinese phone-maker OnePlus has announced a partnership with UK carmaker McLaren Formula 1. The companies will host a "Salute to Speed" event at McLaren's Technology Centre in Woking, England on Dec. 11. OnePlus is holding a contest, for European fans only, to attend the event.

OnePlus has done the special edition thing before -- tying in movies, other brands and sometimes just a color. The excellent OnePlus 6 was followed by the $3,000 Hadoro custom versionan Avengers edition and a special "Red" model. The OnePlus 5T got the Star Wars Limited Edition treatment. And then there was the limited edition OnePlus 3 honoring Parisian fashion boutique Colette.

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It looks likely that the companies will introduce a special edition of the OnePlus 6T at the Dec. 11 event. The promotional materials emphasize speed, boasting that OnePlus holds claim to the "world's fastest in-display fingerprint sensor on any smartphone." And the event website also references the "race to 5G" -- pointing out that OnePlus was "first to tweet using a 5G network." The site contains no details about a forthcoming phone, however, and OnePlus did not immediately respond to our request for more information.

Released this time last year, the OnePlus 6T offers much of the same top-tier hardware as higher-priced competitors. In addition to being the first widely available phone in the US to feature a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display, it comes equipped with a Snapdragon 845 chipset, dual-rear cameras and the latest Android Pie operating system -- but costs hundreds less than rival flagships from Apple, Samsung and Google. 

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