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OnePlus is teasing 'something new'

The company is rumored to have a more affordable phone in the works.

The OnePlus 8, seen here, was released earlier this year starting at $699.
Angela Lang/CNET

OnePlus apparently has something new up its sleeve. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau and co-founder Carl Pei both sent tweets on Monday with the hashtag #NewBeginnings, possibly teasing the rumored OnePlus Z phone.

"Who's ready for something new from @oneplus?" Lau tweeted, sharing an image of the OnePlus logo in a teal color. 

Pei chimed in with "It's time to rock the boat again."

While it's unclear exactly what they're teasing, OnePlus is rumored to have a more affordable phone in the works. The device, possibly called the OnePlus Z, is rumored to launch in India next month and leaks suggest it may feature a Snapdragon 765 processor, 5G support, 6GB of Ram and 128GB of storage. On Friday, Pei tweeted an old promo for the 2014 OnePlus One, leading some to speculate that the OnePlus Z could have the same $299 starting price as the OnePlus One. 

The company released the flagship OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro earlier this year. The OnePlus 8 starts at $699 (£599) for 128GB of storage and features 5G, a 90Hz display and strong battery life. The OnePlus 8 Pro takes the specs, and price tag, up a notch, starting at $899 (£799) for 128GB storage.

OnePlus didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.